Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to Avoid a Bridal-Meltdown?(Tips in Buying a Wedding Dress)

Weddings should be flawless. This is the idealism that brides coming from many eras and cultures have been keeping in mind; the reason why a year or at least six months before the big day, everything should be prepared in a very detailed manner. If you are the bride coming of age, knowing what to do in order to avoid a total catastrophe during your wedding day is a must. Why is this important?

Well, no one wants to come anywhere near a Bridezilla and come out scathed, right? You also want to be your wedding day as the most relaxing, hassle-free and well-coordinated day of your life. You want to be the bride who is free of fuss and worries on that day. The wedding dress, as enchanting as it might appear to be, is also as cunning as a monkey waiting to leap over you and mess up with your composure if it has not been given the proper attention it needs.

Treat your bridal gown as your baby; the only piece of gem you should treasure until the last minute of your wedding preparations. You cannot just jump into the wedding aisle without remembering how essential it is to be acquainted with your whole wedding ensemble. Therefore, it is advisable for any bride-to-be’s out there to familiarize themselves with the wedding dress preparations. This will lead you to tip number one.

 Know What You Want! 

 What has been the type of wedding dress you have been dreaming of in all those years ? Is it a sophisticated and long classic wedding dress made of flowing bridal chiffon? Or would you rather strut down the aisle with a taffeta ball gown with a long trail to complete off that fairytale-themed wedding of yours? Conceptualize whatever you have in mind and consult it to your tailor so she/he can give you fitting suggestions on what type of cuts fit you and what colors suit you best.

 Know Your Wedding’s Theme 

Not all weddings are designed to be similar to one another. Here is the US, for example, there are people who get wedded at different circumstances for cultural or religious reasons. Usually, it is the bride’s decision to pick a dress which will suit the propriety of the occasion. If it is a wedding ceremony which is expected to be solemn and conservative, it is more suitable for the bride to pick a dress which is not to bold for the audience. She can choose a floor-length wedding dress with a neckline that is not too daring to look at. One can still be lovely in an old-fashioned way. Same goes with a wedding that is unconventional. If you have, for example, a Vegas-inspired wedding or anything else which is not too formal, a knee-length wedding dress topped off with a white hat with the alternative of a wedding veil should rock the event just enough and will give the bride a laid-back vibe.

 Know Your Budget’s Capacity

It happens. Bride-to-be’s are often tempted to max out their credit cards for a very special wedding because why not? However, an expensive dress might be the trigger for you and your spouse’s financial suicide post-wedding. You don’t want to be in a long list of debt, do you? Your guests will no more be able to distinguish a Vivienne Westwood or a Dior creation from that of a $100 gown once you are already heading to the altar. Either you will have to accessorize well or pick a dress which suits your frame. Invest in an excellent makeup artist who will help to bring out the blooming bride in you. It is all about creativity and knowing what to further accentuate on your features. Who says looking your best requires thousands of bucks?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Glitters & Sequins

Don't you love to add a little glitter and sparkle to your holiday outfit? I'm sure you do! For the perfect New Year's Eve attire, a glittery or a sequin dress is a fabulous pick! Stay Sassique!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All I Want for Christmas.....You!

Hello Everyone! Please feel free to download our Free Wedding Wallpaper Desktop Designs! Our Chic design for today is "All I Want for Christmas.....You!" ENJOY!

Style your desktop according to your wedding theme! Whether it is romantic, rustic, modern, or vintage, use these design as digital reminders of your love for each other.

You can download the different screen sizes below:
1024 x 768
1280 x 1024
1280 x 800

Friday, December 7, 2012

Tips for an Ultimate Bridal Shower

If you’re planning a bridal shower, don’t loose sight of the amazing things that you can offer. The tips for an ultimate bridal shower are endless. Be sure to choose the best theme that will emphasize the personality of the bride-to-be, evoking her style and individuality.

Here are some tips for planning the best shower.

Don’t forget to entertain within your budget when hosting a shower at a restaurant or function hall. Remember, guests should never be expected to pay their own way. Two months before the wedding, arrange for a festive and memorable bridal shower party. Do you want to show off the celebrant’s sweet personality? Why not choose a candy-themed bridal shower? It’s the perfect way to flaunt her love of life and utmost congeniality. If the bride-to-be loves chocolates, plan a chocolate-themed party. Indulge her and the guests with delectable chocolate-flavored presents with the mildest to strongest and darkest flavor.

By the way, designate someone to record gifts as the bride opens them. She will surely appreciate this when it's time to write thank-you cards. To add hype to the upcoming wedding celebration, have a smaller version of a wedding cake made for the shower. You can also prepare interesting bridal shower games that would rock the venue for the celebrant and the guests. Who doesn’t like fun and engaging games in a bridal shower gathering, anyway?

Chic Fuchsia Bridal Shower

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chic Winter Bride

Do you want to experience being a winter bride? Many budget-conscious brides shy away from hosting a winter wedding due to the hustle bustle of the holiday season. However, we know that there’s special charm in a winter wedding. So why not choose to prepare for a remarkable winter nuptial celebration?

Guess what? You don’t need to feel pressured in preparing a winter wedding. For an exciting event, I would like to share some amazing winter bride style ideas. Here are some style tips to perfect your bridal held on a chilly winter day or night. Make it more dramatic and enchanting by wearing a classy bridal dress highlighted with stunning accessories and a wedding bouquet with some crisp white and deep purple flowers. You can also cover up in style with an elegant lace shrug, designed with emphasis on comfort and sophistication. During winter, rich purple and soft pink hues are a great color combination for your eye makeup.

Of course the shoes, consider some that would add a pop of color to your bridal outfit. Remember, wearing a pair of boots with rhinestone buckle is a great choice for a bride who has opted for a shorter gown to show off a cozy vibe. On the other hand, some chic boots with ankle boots work great for a bride who has a long gown.

To draw attention to a classy ensemble, find coats and scarves that could fit the style of the bridal dress. Don’t hesitate to use sheer stockings under your gown to beat the frostiness of the season. In addition, wearing a dress with added sleeves like a trendy jacket or modish cardigan is also a magnificent choice.

Chic Winter Bride

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pressed Flowers for Wedding Invitations

Take time to know how to create pressed flowers for wedding invitations and keepsakes. Obviously, you must learn to prepare this interesting artwork. If you’re a budget-savvy bride and you want to incorporate an interesting idea to your wedding plans, choosing an Eco-conscious way of preparing keepsakes and invitations is important.

Here’s how to do it
Choose small and medium-sized flowers for the project. You can pick daffodils, violets, daisies and pansies to complete the materials. These flowers lie flat when pressed, perfect for the gorgeous designs that you’ve thought of preparing for the wedding invitations. By the way, pick fresh flowers and preserve them. Then choose small flowers, like babies breath to accentuate large group of pressed flowers. Trim the stems and place the flowers in between two sheets of wax paper. To complete the task, insert it into heavy books and leave it as it is for about two-three weeks. Don’t forget to protect the pressed flowers from moisture.

Here’s how to style it
Whatever color you’ve chosen for the wedding invitations and keepsakes, bear in mind that you have to match it with the pressed flowers that you’ve prepared. Think of the wedding theme and create an invitation that will accentuate your bouquet, bridal dress, including the bridesmaids dresses. If you like vintage creations, don’t hesitate to incorporate other precious ornaments to make your handcrafted pieces so special. Pressed flowers for wedding invitations and keepsakes are lovely additions to your overall decor and wedding supplies. It’s easy to prepare and Eco-friendly. So why not choose to prepare pressed flowers for your wedding?